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It Looked So Out…

“You don’t often see a batsman walk… for an LBW” screams Michael Slater even as the Blackcaps whoop it up in the background. It was Ricky Ponting that decided to walk without really waiting for Umpire Nigel Llong’s decision off … Continue reading

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Board Games

In the Godfather, when Michael Corleone pitches the idea to his older brother Sonny and the family’s Consigliere Tom Hagen that if a meeting could be arranged between him, Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo and the New York Police Captain Mark … Continue reading

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On Sivaramakrishnan’s Election to the ICC Cricket Committee

The election of former Indian leg spinner, and current cricket commentator Laxman Sivaramakrishnan (Siva) to the position of Player Representative on the ICC Cricket Committee has stirred a hornet’s nest for more than one reason. The defeat of the seemingly … Continue reading

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Morale-boosting MoM Award and the Media

A controversy has arisen with Mahendra Singh Dhoni having been awarded the Man of the Match award in the third ODI of the recently concluded India-Pakistan series. It was low score affair and there weren’t outstanding contributions from the winning … Continue reading

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On Ramdin’s Note to Sir Viv and the ICC

On Day 4 of the third England-West Indies test match at Edgbaston, after Denesh Ramdin completed his century, pulled out a folded piece of paper that carried the message “YEH, VIV, TALK NAH.” for Sir Viv Richards. Richards, who is … Continue reading

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Caught Stealing

In Baseball, the batter gets a hit and gets on base. While on base, he is allowed to get a lead off the base as the pitcher winds up and makes a pitch at the batter on home plate. The … Continue reading

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The Great Cricket Debate: India’s #1 Status and The BCCI

There is a lot of rankling outside of the sphere of India and her fans that, India have basically lucked in to the #1 Test Side status, since they have not beaten neither Australia nor South Africa in a test … Continue reading

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Cancer of Doubt – The Spot Fixing Controversy

The latest alleged sudden fall from grace, if proven true, will send Pakistani Cricket back to the stone ages. Two of the best fast bowlers going around in the world, including a sparkling teenager with a million watt smile, with … Continue reading

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Century, Interrupted

I wanted to avoid writing this. People have talked ad nauseam. TV anchors yelled questions at six different panelists, simultaneously, which included the eminent scout of Javelin throwers, Bishen Bedi, who narrated stories not relevant to the topic of conversation. … Continue reading

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