ICC Code of Conduct Breaches and Penalties List

In the February 2017 issue of The Cricket Monthly, Alok Prasanna Kumar wrote an essay “Crime and punishment” looking in to the “history of penalties and breaches under the ICC’s code of conduct”. He looked at the “penalties imposed on players from current Test-playing nations between January 1992 and October 2016 across Tests, ODIs and T20Is, as detailed on the ICC’s website”.

Give it a read, it provides some interesting insights in to the how referees from different nations handle the code breaches by players from different nations. It might confirm some of your suspicions of bias, or clear you of it.

At any rate, I went looking for the source data – at the behest of a friend – that Alok had used in his article: the ICC website. The ICC had recently upgraded their website and it looks like the historical data has vanished, and only listing of the penalties for code of conduct breaches since September 2016 is available.

Of course, I approached Alok and he very kindly provided his master list. I have added to it the published penalties from October 2016 to January 2017. [Download the file by clicking here. I’ll be updating this list monthly]. The more recent ones like the Niroshan Dickwella’s dissent, and the penalty of two match ban will be updated in due course on the ICC website, and I shall do the same.

Alok had only used the data for players from Test playing nations. Going forward, I shall update the list for ALL players as and when they become available on ICC site. If ICC doesn’t want to store the historical data on their site, publicly, then we shall.

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