Couch Talk 189*

couchtalk-logo-2It. is. done.

I have decided to take an indefinite – and most likely infinite – break from Couch Talk Podcast.

The podcast started as a hobby and was something fun to do in my spare time. I had lost the fun quotient of it a few months ago but kept motoring on till the thought formed fully in my mind that I was done with it. Today is that day.

Thank you all for your wonderful support with your constructive criticisms, feedback, sharing and pushing me to do more with the podcast.

A lot of people played significant roles in the shaping and growth of the podcast, and in its visibility. I am grateful for that but I want to give specific thanks to Jarrod Kimber, Siddhartha Vaidyanathan, Kartikeya Date and Shrikant Subramanian for all they did for the podcast.

Thanks to all the folks that appeared as guests on the show. Without their generosity -of time and thoughts, the show would be nothing.

I cannot thank Bharathram Pattabiraman enough for all the tireless transcribing he has done over the years. His help was instrumental in Couch Talk finding a larger audience.

A huge thanks to Aravind Murali (now a National Award winning music composer) for composing the intro music in a matter of few minutes and letting me use it for all these years. Thanks are to Sunny Mishra for helping me set up the feeds on iTunes etc. Thanks to ESPNcricinfo for featuring the podcast on their site, first as a part of the Cordon blog and later as a Feature.

I had some ideas and reasons behind starting the podcast and doing it for nearly 5 years (The first episode was published on June 2, 2011). I knew I was doing something right when a former international captain said, “It’s a good thing you are doing. Keep it up.” But all things must pass.

It sort of feels sad but 189* is not a bad time to leave the game. The King will be proud.

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