BBC Interviews

Kathleen and I were interviewed on two separate BBC networks and programs in the last few days. First on the BBC Asian Network by the entertaining and charming host Nihal (@TheRealNihal) on August 22, 2014 along the sidelines of the India-Middlesex one-day game at Lord’s. The interview was conducted face to face and we were in one of the boxes in the Tavern Stand. Thanks to the fabulous Aatif Nawaz for making this happen. Thanks to Nishant Joshi (@AltCricket) for the photo.

On Sunday August 24, a good friend of mine and owner of one of the sweetest voices on the radio Henna Khan (@HennaK5), interviewed us on her program “Connections” on BBC Leeds. This interview was conducted over phone.

The entire programs are available on BBC iplayer for a few more days if you’d like to listen to them there.

Nihal Show (Time Stamp: 2:47:00 approx)

Connections with Henna (Time stamp: 1:50:00 approx)

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