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Stomach Punched

A sucker punch to the stomach – It leaves you reeling. The pain from the blunt impact, whether you see it coming or not, is instantaneous, and makes its throbbing way through the rest of your body. You are dizzy. … Continue reading

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Couch Talk Episode 28 with Adam Carroll-Smith, “Chasing Sachin”

In this episode, the author of “Chasing Sachin”, Adam Carroll-Smith talks about the seemingly impossible quest he undertook this past summer – to bowl Sachin Tendulkar out. Adam elaborates on his quest, his particular dislike of Ronnie Irani, and his … Continue reading

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Couch Talk Episode 20 with Jarrod Kimber, CricketwithBalls

In this episode, Jarrod Kimber of Cricket with Balls and SPIN Magazine talks about his recently released book, “Australian Autopsy”, Two chucks, Cricket Australia, India-England series, problems facing India, Australia and other top sides and why England are that much … Continue reading

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Does this India-England ODI series mean much?

It depends on whom you ask the question. David Gower thinks this series does not amount to much and all that matters is the test series next year. The local TV broadcaster in India, NEO cricket, has hyped this series … Continue reading

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On injuries and player toughness

When a player returns to the field of play after being forced to leave with an injury, he is generally called “gutsy”, “tough”, “brave” amongst other such adjectives. The history of cricket is littered with several such acts: Anil Kumble … Continue reading

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Memories from Trent Bridge

It was a quick walk from the railway station, across the bridge over River Trent, when I got the full view of the floodlights that gave it away. I was near one of the most picturesque and uniquely shaped ground … Continue reading

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On desire (or a lack of)

Dear Rohit Brijnath, I have always enjoyed your writing style and your ability to discuss different sports with equal aplomb, be it cricket, tennis or badminton. I read your “Voice from within” and it is a neat little trick you … Continue reading

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I Spot No HotSpot

Let us consider the two situations. Eoin Morgan thinks he edged the ball from Praveen Kumar during the first innings at Lord’s and walks off even before the umpire had made a decision. Rahul Dravid stood his ground as the … Continue reading

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Couch Talk: Episode 9 with Wright Thompson, ESPN

In this episode, Wright Thompson, senior writer from ESPN.com, talks about his introduction to cricket, watching Tendulkar score a century at Bangalore during the world cup, and meeting the legend afterwards, and professes his new found love for test cricket … Continue reading

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Father and Son

I frequently go to a local minor league baseball park in the town I live in, and watch games. One of the interesting aspects I have noticed is that fans – adults and kids alike – keep track of the … Continue reading

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