Couch Talk 195 – Tim Wigmore, Freddie Wilde

In this episode, cricket journalist Tim Wigmore and cricket analyst Freddie Wilde, co-authors of the book “Cricket 2.0: Inside the T20 Revolution” discuss their book and the various aspects of T20 including the following: 

a) What should a T20 scorecard look like?

b) Why is the discourse around T20 doesn’t seem to have the appreciation of T20 being a different sport from cricket?

c) What granular measures of T20 performances are done by teams to illuminate the sport better?

d) What is the contest in T20: bat v bat, ball v ball, or ball v bat?

e) What sort of specialization of T20 skills in players is to be expected in the future?

f) Could pitches be standardized in T20s to better understand the contest?

g) CSK v RCB methodologies

h) Are “The Hundred” and “T10” as sport more differentiated from cricket than T20 is?

Episode Credits:

Guests: Tim Wigmore, Freddie Wilde

Voice: Gideon Haigh from Couch Talk 60

Voice: Henna Khan

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