Couch Talk 123 with Atul Wassan, Former India Cricketer

Atul_WassanFormer India bowler talks about his playing career, lack of fast bowlers in India, the current crop of Indian pacers, watching Sachin Tendulkar get to his maiden century, amongst other things.


Atul is on Twitter: @cricketguru

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This episode was first published on ESPN Cricinfo’s Cordon.

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Intro Music: Aravind Murali and Jaishankar, mixed at ‘Music from The Place’

Guest: Atul Wassan

Episode Transcribed by: Bharathram Pattabiraman

Host: Subash Jayaraman


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  1. Qasim Ali says:

    That’s really great, i like this couch talk with atul wassan, this post is really very helpful
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