Posts on Ponting

A wonderful bunch of writers and bloggers (and a former Indian great) have penned evocative pieces of prose on the occasion of Ricky Ponting’s retirement from International Cricket. I thought it would be a good idea to assemble them in one place for posterity sake.

If you come across any that is not mentioned here, be sure to drop a line in the comment section with a link to the post.


Christian Ryan  (ESPN Cricinfo)

David Mutton (Silly Mid-Off)

Gary Naylor (99.94)

Gideon Haigh (Cuts & Glances)

Greg Baum (The Age – “Last Goodbye” and “Weighing the time to retire”)

Jarrod Kimber(Cricket Sadist Hour)

Jon Hotten (Old Batsman)

Karachi Khatmal (Five Rupees)

Kartikeya Date (A Cricketing View)

Malcolm Knox (The Age)

Matt Becker (Limited Overs)

Mahesh Sethuraman (Cornerd)

Osman Samiuddin (The National)

Rahul Dravid (ESPN Cricinfo)

For what it’s worth, here is mine.



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