Couch Talk 58 with Wright Thompson, ESPN

In this episode, Wright Thompson, writer for and, who has been writing long form features on cricket in the last 18 months starting with the 2011 Cricket World Cup, talks about the evolution of the cricket fan and cricket writer in him, his writing technique and methods, sports writing, cricket administration, cricket media in general and his favorite cricketer/team amongst other things.

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Intro Music: Sampled, Mixed and Produced by Aravind Murali

Guest: Wright Thompson

Host: Subash Jayaraman

Episode transcribed by: Bharathram Pattabiraman

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2 Responses to Couch Talk 58 with Wright Thompson, ESPN

  1. Dileep says:

    Interesting thoughts on long features. I could tell you why that’s the case, but that would entail another episode. Laugh.
    Great to hear Wright’s thoughts though. Was great to have him around in the press box. Much-needed freshness.

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