CouchTalk Episode 23 with Sana Kazmi and Masuud Qazi

In this episode, Passionate Pakistani fans Sana Kazmi and Masuud Qazi talk about their reactions to the spot fixing scandal. Masuud brings his perspective on the spotfixing trial from attending the court proceedings. They also talk about the way forward for Pakistani cricket.You can follow Sana and Masuud on Twitter at @SanaKazmi and @MasuudQazi respectively.

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Intro Music: Sampled, Mixed and Produced by Aravind Murali

Guest: Sana Kazmi and Masuud Qazi

Host: Subash Jayaraman


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7 Responses to CouchTalk Episode 23 with Sana Kazmi and Masuud Qazi

  1. Aatif says:

    I’m with you guys, very little suprises most Pakistani fans anymore…It’s almost as it we just meander along, waiting for the next controversy. To Sana’s point about the stature of Wasim Akram versus the the terrible trio, I guess the magnitude of Wasim Akram’s contribution’s to Pakistani and indeed international cricket far outweight the terrible trio combined.

  2. Aatif says:

    And right on cue there’s Masuud, predicatably rising to defend his hero! More does need to be done – I guess the fact the issue has never been seriously addressed by the PCB, indirectly at least, implies that the issue is rooted within the administration…Australia shady…good god! Business is about to pick up…

  3. Aatif says:

    Sana hits the nail on the head! They guys seem so shamelessly beghairat with their unbuttoned shirts, brash smiles, casino visits…it’s like they WANT us to hate them.

  4. Aatif says:

    Financial security is a major issue. I remember Sana also exposed the paltry pay-outs players in the Faysal Bank T20 received. In England, young players are encouraged to join the UCCE structure, so they complete their education and establish vocational training for a seperate career. Perhaps a similar initiative could help weed out the ‘I’m poor, so I have to fix’ excuse…

  5. Aatif says:

    Absolutely. One has to rate Asif’s ability to bowl a no-ball so tight, one wouldn’t normally be suspicious. As Masuud mentioned, they Asif/Butt’s lawyers have done reasonably well…in terms of discrediting Majeed. And just as I dyslexically type that, Subash makes the same point…kya baat hai!

  6. Aatif says:

    I love that you guys managed to somehow finish on a posative, hopeful note. Excellent stuff – really enjoyed that!

  7. very insightful, especially the deeper canvas of the corruption and causes..

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