Couch Talk: Episode 13 with Sidin Vadukut and Anand Ramachandran

In this episode, Sidin Vadukut (author, blogger, editor) and Anand Ramachandran (Game designer, blogger), both Page 2 writers on Cricinfo and all around nice guys, discuss satire in cricket writing, the enormous ability of cricket to provide material for humor, the feedback from fans etc. I apologize in advance for the audio-recorder malfunctioning that caused a slight feedback towards the end of the podcast.


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You can download it from here. If you want the unedited version of the podcast, download it from here.

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Intro Music: Sampled, Mixed and Produced by Aravind Murali

Guests: Sidin Vadukut and Anand Ramachandran

Host: Subash Jayaraman

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