Couch Talk: Episode 5 with Aatif Nawaz and Henna Khan

In this episode, Aatif Nawaz and Henna Khan, who are English but of Pakistani origins, discuss the various aspects of immigrant children adapting to and adopting the sporting culture of the country they grew up in. You can follow them on twitter: @AatifNawaz and @Hennak5

Do visit Just Giving and support Henna’s efforts in raising money for “Save The Children”.


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Intro Music: Sampled, Mixed and Produced by Aravind Murali

Guests: Aatif Nawaz and Henna Khan

Host: Subash Jayaraman


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2 Responses to Couch Talk: Episode 5 with Aatif Nawaz and Henna Khan

  1. Ant Sims says:

    I loved this, guys. Especially the bit about supporting the country of your birth, etc. We get some folks here supporting Australia (yes really) and some guys of Indian descent supporting India, interesting to hear how it works in other countries and why people who were born in a country choose to support their country of origin. Good job.

    • Thanks Ant. It was a lot of fun recording it. Henna and Aatif — they get in to such banter so quick, it was a pleasure just listening to them. Sadly, I had to cut some the parts out 🙁

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