Humiliating Haydos

As has become my routine, I logged on this morning and surfed on to Jarrod Kimber’s blog Cricket with Balls and noticed he had made a collage of Jesus poses with Mathew Hayden superimposed on it. Upon further investigation, I noticed he had photoshopped that picture as an entry in to competition to win a crappy DVD. The competition hosted by Rich Irvine of Sports Review (in New Zealand) pissed off about Hayden promoting some theme park in NZ. I guess I would be pretty pissed off too, if Shoaib Malik were to be peddling long distance calling cards in India.

Since it was only a Monday morning and I was at “work”, I quickly opened up GIMP and with the help of some Google image searches, slapped together my very own entry to win the crappy DVD. The picture is pretty self explanatory. Its not about the DVD. This is much more important than that. I need to win this. Help me Richard.

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