The feet are firmly where they are supposed to be

It never ceases to amaze me, the incredible humility that Sachin Tendulkar displays at all times. In spite of being the biggest star in the world of cricket, and being showered with unabashed adulation of millions, if not billions, he continues to exhibit the sort of decorum on and off the field, is just quite uncommon these days among athletes, let alone cricket stars.

Excerpt from Cricinfo

For a player who opted not to represent India in Twenty20 internationals in 2007, Tendulkar has appeared to have mastered the art of batting in the shortest format, as his statistics this IPL indicate. His batting has been a sensation this season but his captaincy has also drawn plaudits. Tendulkar captained India twice unsuccessfully, but he said he did not have a point to prove to critics as Mumbai prepared to contest their first IPL final.

“It’s a big stage but it’s not about proving a point to someone that I can manage captaincy. I have never played for that,” he said. “The runs I have scored in all forms of the game, I was not trying to prove something to someone. I have just played because I enjoyed playing and loved playing and the passion for cricket is there. I have just done that and while doing that all this has happened.

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