Welcome to The Cricket Couch.

I am originally from India but have lived in the U.S. since 1998. My introduction to cricket began with enduring sledges from my 6 older brothers during our zillion backyard cricket sessions. When India won the 1983 world cup, it became a full blown addiction.

Do check out the Couch Talk Podcasts that are designed to cover issues surrounding the wonderful game of cricket, rather than about the on-field action, from the view of fans, writers, bloggers, cricketers and journalists.

Make sure you take a look at the “Doodles” which are creations of Missus Cricket Couch, who is trying to learn more and more about cricket every day, and gives expression to her cricket in her own inimitable style.

Please do let us know what you think about the site design, content and whatever else you may have in mind.

(The header picture is from Besant Nagar Beach in Chennai.)



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  • Auroni Mookerjee

    Hi Subash,

    I’ve been an avid follower of you on twitter and I love your unique take on the game as much as the game itself! It’s why I would like you to participate in the hunt for the new voice of cricket.

    I work with an advertising agency called SapientNitro and I’m getting in touch with you to see if you would be interested in the work we’re doing for one of our clients – Sprite.
    It’s called Crickwit and it aims to celebrate (as the name suggests) witty tweets on cricket.

    Btw we’re giving away tickets to the upcoming T20 matches.

    Here’s is how it works:

    1. Add #crickwit to your cricket related tweets.

    2. Ask your followers to re-tweet.

    3. Score a run for very re-tweet you get.

    4. Win tickets to the games.

    It would be really great to have you on board. Please write back and let me know how we can take this forward.



  • Diehardcricketfans


    We recently launched our website http://diehardcricketfans.org
    It is a fan centric site where fans from all around the world can express themselves.

    You seem to be a big fan of cricket and also blog about it.

    We are looking for fans who can contribute articles to the site. As you are a diehard cricket fan we were wondering if you would like to participate.

    We are currently a team of around 20 fans now who are actively participating in it. We would love to have you on board with us.

    All credit is given to the author, you can link your fb/twitter page and your Original blog posts.

    Waiting for a positive response

    DieHard Cricket Fans

  • Guest

    I was just gonna say “heyy thats bessie beach” before i saw you had already pointed the fact out in your About section.
    P.S: Love the cricket couch!

  • Ian

    Just found your site. Have spent much of the day listening to your podcasts. Love the stuff you’ve managed to get together here.

    • Thank you Ian. Do let me know what aspects of the podcasts you like and do give me suggestions on how to improve or, any particular person that you would like to hear from. Of course, it is hard to get active players and officials 🙂

  • Guest

    Hi Subhash,

    Your podcasts are excellent. Many thanks on the great work.

    One suggestion I have is modeled on bloggingheads dot tv . It might be a good idea to link to articles discussed in the podcasts. For eg, I had no context on what you disagreed with Gideon Haigh on.

    That minor quibble aside, this is an excellent resource.

    • Abhishek,

      Thanks for listening and the input. Will try to link to articles and stuff, as much as I can.

  • hello subhash

    I am the founding trustee of a chennai based cricket trust http://www.5point5oz.com, We have a blog ‘pitching it up’ that has recently been launched it is at http://www.5point5oz.com/blog.

    The blog will cover the following

    “Articles. Interviews. Pictures. Match reports. Equipment reviews and offers. Tournaments and grounds in Chennai.
    If it’s anything to do with our cricket, we try to have something about it here.
    PITCHING IT UP is a blog that is a collaborative effort of members of the 5.5 Oz Cricket Trust in Chennai.

    It is an attempt to take to the rest of the world, into our own little cricketing universe. We would like to know if you could link to us from The cricket couch.

    We are followers of the cricket couch and infact link to CC from our blog.

    Do let me know if you are interested.

    • thecricketcouch

      I can put your blog in the auto feed i have on the blog. thanks.

  • Hi Subash
    great site!
    I wonder if you would be interested in reviewing Stuart’s latest book, it’s a cricket novel, an ebook, if I gifted it to you with a synopsis and author interview?
    what is new about it is that it is about a man who doesn’t like cricket and a woman cricketer.


    • thecricketcouch

      sorry abt getting back to you so late. but the answer is Yes.

  • Hello Subhash,

    I love the cricket couch and have always been wondering how do you manage to rope in so many big names.

    Also can you pls read this..http://www.absolutelynologic.blogspot.in/2012/11/nostalgic-account-of-forgotten-love.html

    Will be privileged to hear your views.


    • thecricketcouch

      Thanks Mani. I did read your post. I suppose people that grew up in the 90’s have pretty much similar memories. 🙂

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  • Shiva

    Hi Subash,

    I am flying to Port of Spain during the July 4th weekend to attend couple of games (India against WI and SL). I was hoping that you could offer me few tips regarding the best corner in the stadium, best place to stay (so that I can have a glimpse of the Indian team) and other cricket related activities (beach cricket etc) that I can do during this trip. I hope you have few minutes. Thanks in advance.


    • thecricketcouch

      In Queen’s park oval, if you can get tickets to Learie Constantine Stand, it has the best view. It’s right next to media center too, and you will see past legends walk in and chat with the locals etc. If you want to have fun, you can get seats in the Trini Posse stand which is basically a part stand, more expensive.

      Regarding stay, there are B&B places within 10 mins walking distance of QPO, that you can find online. for less than $100/night.

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    Fred Verity
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  • Eva Graf

    Hi there,

    I am working on promoting “Bent Arm and Dodgy Wickets” written by Tim Quelch and published by Pitch Publishing. Would you consider reading and reviewing it? So far we had only good reviews and even Mark Butcher mentioned us on Twitter. All royalties will be donated to Parkinson’s UK, therefore it would be lovely if you could mention the book. You can find us on Twitter under @DodgyWickets

    All the best,

  • Roshan Bellavara

    Subash- would you be interested in joining a bunch of old-fat-beer guzzling blokes (called PRICS -Pacific Rim Ind. Cricket Soc.) on an annual cricket tour to Victoria CA over Labor Day weekend? It is a WAGS/Family trip of expats from Eng, Ind, Afg and some US residents who live in OR and Cali … we have been doing this 15 years. We play a 2 day game against a local Canadian team at a small ground an hour from Vic.

    It is very laid back and both teams are relaxed, non-competitive and honestly, just there to be part of the tradition. We are always looking for new blood who know how to enjoy the game and company in the right “spirit” (no pun intended). There are a few characters on both teams who have amazing stories and each year is more memorable than the other. The club there has very rich tradition (you will find a signed bat in their pavilion from Sir Don) and they have been around since mid-1900’s.

    Anyways, if you are interested in any manner, please contact me at roshan.bellavara@gmail.com

    • thecricketcouch

      Thanks for the offer Roshan. But i live no where near the west coast. It would be a long haul to make it there. Cheers.

  • Lakshay Khetarpal

    The Mother of all Battles is here !! INDIA VS PAKISTAN !!



  • Prithvi Raj

    Hi Subhash,

    Love your podcasts. I am working with followyoursport.com. Wanted to discuss the possibility of working together, please drop a mail on prithvi@followyoursport.com to take the same forward.

    • Prithvi Raj

      I apologize for having misspelled your name Subash*

  • Evie

    Hi Subash,

    Well done on your blog! We’re a big fan of your Couch Talk Podcasts!

    Do you think our link http://www.results24.co.uk/cricket could be helpful for your visitors? We provide live scores and would be honoured if you placed our link.

    Drop me and email, let me know what you think. support@results24.co.uk

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your kind words. I haven’t placed any other links on the site, and do not see it happening any time soon. Cheers, Subash

  • Bharat Ranka

    Hi Subash,

    Hope you’re doing well and creating interesting and great to read cricketing features that you do!

    I’m writing to you with regards to a client of our agency who has come out with an Android app (soon to be on IOS too) and wishes to get feature / shoutout from your team.

    It’s a Sports & Fitness App, which allows users to create profiles, search/connect/play with other sports players and organise/create sports and fitness events/tournaments.

    Do let me know how we could take this forward on bharat.ranka@themediaholicco.com

  • Peter

    A very interesting website.

    Just wondering why the interview with Mike Young is unavailable as an audio track?

    Only available as a transcript.

    Thank You.